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Az Osonó 2014-2015-ben a Communitas Alapítvány alkotói ösztöndíjasa.


On the festival organized in Sidi Kacem Daragics Bernadette got the award for best actress in a supporting role and the coproduction directed by Fazakas Misi titled mask@face.now for the best team effort.
The legal background of the Osonó Theatre, the Bolyongó Színházi Egyesület Association got for 2014 the civil association of the year award.
10 performances from 8 countries, from 2 continents were selected to participate at the International Theatre Festival of Sidi Kacem which started with a festive pageant on 7th of April, Tuesday afternoon. The festival which lasts until Sunday, the Osonó will appear with its Moroccan coproduction titled mask@face.now, along with theatre companies from countries like Tunisia, Algeria, Palestine, Libya, Iraq, Morocco and Spain.
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 Opening ceremony in Morocco


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