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During the tour of two and a half weeks, the Osonó will perform the play „As the water reflects the face” in four countries, also at the Hungarian Cultural Days from Gottenburg „iHuset 10”. In the second part of the tour, we will begin our joint project with the Soltis Lajos theater in Celldömölk, Hungary, where we will have workshops and exchange of professional experiences.
Participating on three festivals in two weeks. The troupe will be hosted by the FTLF (French Youth Theatre Fest) in Pécs, Hungary where the ‘As water reflects the face’ show will be performed on 21st of March on. After that they will perform on the 2nd Festival of Drama Schools(Universities), called Szín-Tár which takes place in Kecskemét.
The large-scale European tour which started on 16th of January ended with a lots of re-calls and invitations from Milano and Göteborg. The team travelled about 11.000 kilometers among the Hungarian, Austrian, Italian, German and Danish scenes concluding that the performance, named "As water reflects the face" was shown 26 times to the spectators.
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 The Osonó on the Mondial Du Teatre


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