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Az Osonó 2014-2015-ben a Communitas Alapítvány alkotói ösztöndíjasa.


In a period of seven days will visit four Hungarian cities and will play the As water reflects the face play for six times. The tour starts on the 15th of September, its first stop is Törökszentmiklós then Vasvár, Celldömölk and finally Szombathely.
After the home premiere on Sunday, on the 18th of August, Monday afternnon from 18:00 o'clock will be presented the mask@face.now play, directed by Fazakas Misi.
The first step of the theatrical project of the Osonó and the Espace Theatral was a series of workshops. This 6 minute long video was made in this context with the Moroccan participants.
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 Workshops in Morocco - 2014


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