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Az Osonó 2014-2015-ben a Communitas Alapítvány alkotói ösztöndíjasa.


In adventurous circumstances, after 60 hours of traveling, we arrived in local time at 2 o'clock in the morning in the city situated next to the Atlantic ocean, Kenitra. During the travel we used every possible vehicle of travel, so we travelled with plane, ferry, bus, car and train, making possible for us to travel 4050 kms.
Four members of the Osonó - Misi Fazakas, Oszkár Mucha, Bernadette Daragics and Szilárd Bernát - are traveling on the night of the 21st of July to Kenitra, Morocco to have a theatrical project with the Espace Theatre company, involving workshops and a coproduction play in which both African and European actors will perform.
The first stop of the tour will be on the Vasvár Theatre Festival, on the 21st of June, where the As water reflects the face will be presented saturday night from 19.30. Next week the group will visit numerous villages in the surroundings of Szolnok, then on the 27th of June the audience of Szolnok can see the performance on the Átjáró Theatre Festival.
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 The Osonó on the Mondial Du Teatre


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