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Osonó Theatre’s participating in a long-term socio-educational projec

The new project of the Alba Iulia Caritas is being started in the upcoming days: this is the implementation phase of the project titled “Compass into the world of work” which focuses on the mentorship of youngsters with fewer opportunities. The four-year long program is supported by the EEA and Norwegian Grants, Renovabis and the German Catholics and aims at reducing early school-leave and the emigration of youngsters, and also at their support to find employment on the labour market in the settlements of the counties of Mureș and Harghita.

The project invited Osonó Theatre  ̶  qualified as a Registered Talent Point and a European Talent Point  ̶  as a partner with great experience to carry out the professional programs. Two members of the company, Fazakas Misi and Mucha Oszkár will hold workshops in theatre education, self-awareness, personality improvement, communication, competence-enforcement and team building for the students and teachers of Târgu Mureș, Gheorgheni and Odorheiu Secuiesc.

The drama camp for group leaders and teachers has come to its end

Together with the Art and Folk School of Sfântu Gheorghe, Osonó Theatre organised a theatre and self-awareness camp which was the fourth station of a training series for group leaders and teachers, going on for a year now. The 18 participants arriving from Carei, Cluj-Napoca, Bălan, Cernat, Târgu Secuiesc, Covasna and Sfântu Gheorghe participated in the camp held in the Csipkés of Zăbala between the 27th and the 31st of August.

The workshops, led by Prezsmer Boglárka drama teacher and the two Osonó members, Fazakas Misi and Mucha Oszkár, focused on team building, self-awareness and personality improvement exercises, drama games, speech-improvement tasks and basic theatre training. Our main purpose was to provide the participants with additional tools and the possibility to use the acquired practices during their future work as directors, in their methodology as teachers, and activity as class masters or group leaders. 

The Osonó Budapest Drama Camp has come to its end

This was the 9th international drama camp organised by the company, between the 21 and 26 of August. The theatre and personality improvement camp held in Budapest could serve as an impulse for the participants who could get closer to knowing themselves in a better and more complete way.

The purpose of the camp was to create a situation where through the tools of drama and theatre, the participants are encouraged to experience an intense way of presence, communication, common thinking and creation. Up until now 77 drama camps have been organised by Osonó Theatre, an independent company implementing theatre, pedagogical and social projects.

During the one week long professional programme, Mucha Oszkár, actor of the company, held theatre workshops for the participants, while the personality and self-knowledge improvement and team building exercises were held by company leader, Fazakas Misi, director and drama trainer. The participants could get to know themselves and theatre during three workshops a day. Above the trainings, in the afternoons the rehearsals of short theatre scenes took place, which were presented by the small groups on the morning of the last day. As a result of the immersion in theatre practices, the search and experience, a real team became of the group.

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